Instant Justice

Rapist Goes Free, LAUGHS At His Victim, and Then Gets Served BRUTAL Instant Justice


Earlier this year Mohammed Bashir walked free after being charged with sexual assault.

But he was slapped with a restraining order, which he brazenly defied in order to taunt his victim.

Months after getting away with his original crime, Bashir spotted his victim and her young daughter.

Rather than just move along, he thought that Western justice could not protect those he chose to harass.

So he walked over to the woman, smirked and laughed in her face. All in front of her daughter.

Harsh Reality

But Bashir was wrong about the law being on his side, or against his victim.

At Warwick Crown Court in the UK, Judge Richard Griffith-Jones delivered instant justice against the smug rapist.

Your actions have “all the hallmarks of someone defying the order and effectively saying, ‘There’s nothing anyone can do,'” the judge said. “But when confronted with such defiance of an order, I know what I’m going to do.”

The judge reminded Bashir of the restraining order, and that it’s application meant the court did consider his previous conduct unacceptable. Even if he wasn’t sent to jail.

So breaking that order, and in so brazen a manner, was a very bad idea.

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Judge Griffith-Jones continued:

“The message you delivered was clear. It was ‘I can defy this order; you are not protected by it’. You were wrong. People must understand that court orders disobeyed will be treated in a condign fashion.”

Source: The Express

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