Rapist Caught in the Act by Victim’s Boyfriend, then … BLIND RAGE Takes Over


Folks, this rapist received a MASSIVE dose of instant justice.

After walking in on a man on top of his girlfriend, one man decided to take matters into his own hands and teach the man a lesson he’d likely never forget.

The incident took place in South Carolina, where 52-Year-Old William Mattson was in the middle of a sexual assault when the woman’s boyfriend walked in. At that time, the boyfriend saw Mattson on top of her, ripped him off, and let the beating commence.

The enraged boyfriend delivered a series of blows, driving the man from the residence and onto the front lawn. Once police arrived, they promptly arrested Mattson and later stated his “left eye was swollen shut and his lips and face were bleeding,” according to My Fox 8.


Police say that after Mattson’s victim accused him of , he was charged with criminal sexual conduct. Officials also said that the man who attacked Mattson was “acting in defense for the victim,” as reported by WISTV.

What do you think – did Mr. Mattson get exactly what he deserved?

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