Rand Paul Issues Shock Mueller Announcement, No One Expected This


President Donald Trump has been the subject of “Russian collusion” allegations from the Left since before election day last year. Despite over a year of scrutiny and the vast resources given to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, no evidence of collusion has surfaced.

Lawmakers, as well as the American people themselves, are growing impatient with the ongoing Russia investigations, which draw attention away from the efforts to pass policy that would be beneficial to the American people.

As seen on Fox News, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) called the Russia collusion probe a “witch hunt” that Democrats want to use to avoid acknowledging the “poor candidacy” of Hillary Clinton. 

Sen. Paul was asked if he believes the Mueller investigation is getting in the way of legislative activity on Capitol Hill. The conservative icon then delved into a critique of the office of the Special Counsel itself.

I think what you’re seeing is exactly why special prosecutor is a bad idea,” Sen. Paul said. “You know, they’re not doing anything with Russia. They’re trying to look at people’s taxes from a long time ago that have nothing to do with President Trump.

For the Kentucky Senator, the issue with the Special Counsel is how easily it veers from its stated purpose into tangent investigations and indictments–all of which consume vast amounts of public money and resources.

Their mission was to look at Russian collusion and now we’re looking at people’s tax returns,” Sen. Paul continued. “So really, this is a problem of special prosecutors. You give them millions of dollars, unlimited sort of ability to go after anything, and you’ll find that people are going to be prosecuted for stuff that has nothing to do with the original mandate of the prosecutor.

Then the Senator addressed the question of whether the continued Russia story is interfering with Congress’s ability to focus on its legislative agenda. After nearly a year since the 2016 election, the Republican-majority Congress has been unable to make good on key campaign promises like repealing Obamacare, strengthening the border, and passing tax reform.

I think it’s a distraction” Senator Paul asserted. “And I think the thing is that, you know, Democrats would have their way. And Hillary Clinton, they want to blame Russia for her failings as a candidate, for being a bad candidate. They will drag this on forever.

What I’ve said is: investigate it. If there’s anything — good. But let’s find out and let’s bring it forward,” he continued. “But if not, let’s get it done with. Because the bottom line is we know Russia tries to influence our election. We also try to influence other countries’ elections. Everybody that can spy does spy. We should protect ourselves, but I don’t think President Trump had anything to do with … Russia.

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Sen. Rand Paul claimed that Democrats are on a witch hunt with the Mueller investigation. Is the investigation going how Democrats planned?

H/T Fox News

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