Ranchers Prepare MASSIVE Surprise For Trump as He Flies Over… They NEVER Did This for Obama!


While Barack Obama is treated like a rock star by Hollywood elites and entitled liberals, Trump has become an absolute hero to the average American.

The outpourings of love and support from working-class Americans demonstrate which president really holds the people’s hearts.

A rancher and his son living near Denver, Colorado were the latest to go out of their way to broadcast that love.

Doug Koehn has a huge field that is easily visible to pilots taking off from or landing at Denver International Airport. Or to any plane flying over that part of the country.

So he took advantage of that fact by plowing the name “TRUMP” right smack in the middle of the field.

Ranchers Prepare MASSIVE Surprise For Trump as He Flies Over

Each letter is 800 feet wide and 800 feet tall!

Koehn told 9News that he hopes Trump will fly over in Air Force One before the spring, when the landscape will change, effectively erasing his message of support.

Not to worry. President Trump takes notice of such gestures, and has certainly already been made aware of what Koehn did for him.

What’s really amazing is that as much as people claim to love Obama, do you remember people doing these types of simple, yet powerful expressions of affection for him?

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