Rachel Maddow Releases Trump Tax Return, Then Gets WORST NEWS EVER


Loudmouth MSNBC host Rachel Maddow might have just ruined whatever credibility she had left, along with her career as a serious journalist.

Maddow got the nation all riled up that she had obtained a copy of President Trump’s tax returns.

It was supposed to be the silver bullet that would expose Trump’s alleged corruption and bring him down.


And then Maddow went on air and humiliated herself.

That’s right.

Maddow’s big bombshell was a tax return from over a decade ago.

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And it didn’t even show anything incriminating. In 2005, Trump paid $38 million in taxes on an income of $150 million.

But what really got viewers was how Maddow drew out the intro, pretending as if she still had a MAJOR scoop.

She was immediately and mercilessly mocked for doing so.

Leading the charge was Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr.:

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And he was having too much fun to stop there:

MANY others soon joined in the mockery:


Even CNN’s Maeve Reston mocked Maddow:

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