Punk Rocker John Joseph: ‘Cancel Culture Can Go F**k Themselves’


New York punk rocker John Joseph — vocalist for the bands Bloodclot and Cro-Mags — responded to backlash over a large punk show recently held in New York City, proclaiming “cancel culture can go fuck themselves” and adding that punk rock will “carry on what we’ve been doing for decades.”

Joseph said he and others were attacked after “the lying ass media” reported inaccuracies involving a recent outdoor punk show he and others put on in Tompkins Square Park, in New York City.

“Cancel culture can go fuck themselves,” Joseph affirmed, adding that critics of the NYC event “are the same ones who criticized punk rock in the 70s and hardcore in the 80s.”

“And they will all go away soon to live out [their] quiet lives of desperation while we carry on what we’ve been doing for decades,” he added.

The event was reported to be one of the largest city-permitted concerts in New York City since the start of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, as thousands of attendees — who were not clad in masks — packed into Tompkins Square Park for the show.

Following the event, media reported that organizers were able to put on the show using a permit that listed the event as a 9/11 memorial — a claim that Joseph says is “total and complete bullshit.”

“Then the whole cancel culture shit ran with the story talking shit about each and every one of us who participated in the show,” Joseph said. “I don’t care about all you people that called it a super-spreader show and the rest of the bullshit you talked – there has not been one case of COVID reported.”

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