Punk Grabs Waitress’ Butt, Doesn’t Know She’s Got a NASTY Surprise For Him


A sleazy and entitled punk has had a little too much to drink (or perhaps not) and thinks he can take advantage of an attractive waitress.

You know the type.

Well, for one such joker, that whole scenario didn’t play out too well.

Krystal Olsen is an attractive 32-year-old New York native working as a bartender and waitress in Arizona.

When a drunken local decided to have a little fun and grab her butt, Olsen quickly demonstrated what else she is — a total badass.

Olsen got the punk in a chokehold and dragged him outside. Security then responded and cuffed the offender until police arrived and arrested him.

But before he was carted away, Olsen got a shot of the handsy perp after he had been reduced to tears:

Let that be a warning to all such men. Cute and petite does NOT mean vulnerable and weak.

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Source: Daily Mail

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