Psaki Dodges When Asked If Biden Should Still Be President


White House press secretary Jen Psaki dodged a question on Wednesday about whether or not it is acceptable for a president to stay in office after overseeing a copious amount of U. S. deaths from the Chinese coronavirus.

As Breitbart News reported last week, the U. S. death toll from the Chinese coronavirus under Biden’s administration will soon surpass the death toll recorded during Trump’s administration, and in less time.

Additionally, during an October 2020 presidential debate between Biden and Trump, Biden insisted that “anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths” — which at the time was at around 220,000 — “should not remain as President of the United States of America.”

When asked by Fox News’s Peter Doocy if that is “still the standard now that more Americans have died under President Biden than President Trump,” Psaki outright dodged the question.

Doocy asks Psaki if it’s still Biden’s belief that “anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as President of the United States of America” now that more have died under him than Trump. pic.twitter.com/l1aSkBD1lC

Rather than answer the question, Psaki instead promulgated a known hoax about former President Donald Trump, never answering for the coronavirus-rel… (Read more)

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