Psaki Already Talking About Stepping Down As Press Secretary


White House press secretary Jen Psaki is already talking about leaving her job at the White House a year from now.

“I think it’s going to be time for somebody else to have this job, in a year from now or about a year from now,” she said in a podcast interview with her former boss, Barack Obama Campaign Manager David Axelrod.

Psaki previously worked for the Obama campaign as a press aide and also served as a spokesperson at the State Department during the Obama administration before ultimately taking the White House communications director job at the White House.

She said when she first spoke with Biden’s team about taking the press secretary job, she agreed to do it for roughly a year.

Axelrod said during the podcast that Psaki was a “dark horse” candidate for the White House press secretary position when former TIME journalist Jay Carney replaced Obama’s first press secretary, Robert Gibbs.

“I remember thinking, thank God I didn’t get that job bec… (Read more)

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