Protests Erupt Around The Globe In Support Of Ukraine: ‘Stop Putin, Stop War’


Protests have erupted around the globe in support of Ukraine as it continues fighting Russian forces that first invaded the country last week.

Protest signs reading messages such as “#HandsOffUkraine STOP WAR!,” “Stop Putin, Stop War,” “No War” and “Russians Against the War” have cropped up in Japan, Washington, D. C., and elsewhere over the weekend.

“As a Russian we don’t want war. Only Putin does. The man is filled with greed,” one demonstrator in New York City on Saturday, Aliya Passova, told amNY.

Passova was one of hundreds of people gathered in Times Square on Saturday to show support for Ukraine, which included waving the nation’s flag and holding signs critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We don’t like what’s going on. I do not want to be ashamed of my country,” a man identified only as Roman told the New York Post, noting he’s afraid of retaliation for his family back in Russia. “Russia is not Putin.”

Protests in Washington, D. C., and Atlanta also unfolded on Saturday, while demonstration abroad have erupted in Switzerland, England, Germany, Greece, Italy, Taiwan and Spain.

“My family, my friends are now sheltered in their basements because of the air attacks,” Yulia Kolorova, a 49-year-old Ukrainian living in Taiwan, told The Associated Press. “I just want them to be strong. I just can’t imagine how scary it is to see the … (Read more)

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