Protesters Topple Columbus Statue On Minnesota Capitol Grounds



Protesters lassoed a statue of Christopher Columbus outside the Minnesota Capitol Wednesday afternoon and pulled it to the ground, saying it was a step toward healing for Native American communities.

Dozens of people gathered by the statue on the grounds outside the Capitol before pulling it down. Activist Mike Forcia, who said he’s with the Black River Anishinabe, talked to a member of the State Patrol who had been sent to the scene to encourage protesters to follow a legal process for removing the statue.

Forcia said they had tried that route many ties, and it had not worked.

he protesters then looped a rope around the statue, grabbed ahold and quickly pulled it off the stone pedestal and to the ground. The State Patrol watched from a distance, and let protesters sing and take photos with the statue for about half an hour.

State officials said they had been warned about the action via social media. It was mentioned it in a news conference an hour and a half earlier with Gov. Tim Walz. At the time, Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington said the State Patrol would be dispatched to meet the protesters and seek an alternative resolution.

Columbus, a 15th century Genoese explorer, has long been a target of Native America… (Read more)

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