Protesters Block City Crews From Removing Barricades In Chop Zone


SEATTLE – As residents wonder when Seattle Police Department officers will return to the abandoned East Precinct building, city transportation crews were stymied Friday morning by protesters who blocked their construction equipment from removing barricades in the CHOP area.

One protester laid down in the middle of the street, impeding access by the operator of a heavy load hauler. The protester in the so-called Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone was quickly joined by others who lay in the street or atop the makeshift barricades.

Although Chief Carmen Best and Mayor Jenny Durkan have expressed support for a plan to return to the precinct office, they have not forced a return to the building, preferring instead to work with protest organizers. On Friday, a spokesperson for the mayor said, “SPD had no plans to return to the East Precinct today.”

The standoff continue as city officials and police plot a return to the area despite objections by demonstrators who say they won’t leave until their demands are met.

Those demands include defunding the Seattle police by 50 percent and moving that money to Black communities.

The collective of protesters, activists, educators and volunteers in the Capitol Hill Organized Protest was born after clashes with police who tear-gassed people protesting the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis….(Read more)

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