Prophet Reveals in Worldwide Bestseller the Ancient Reason Why Trump Won


Jonathan Cahn’s worldwide best-selling 2017 book The Paradigm opens a stunning mystery that began in ancient times and yet has determined the events of our time.

And even though it’s been three years since the book’s debut, The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times is making a resurgence.

In The Paradigm, Cahn writes that the 2016 presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was the most unpredictable election in American history, yet signs pointed to it in an ancient paradigm.

In this paradigm, a man named Jehu, who was neither a predictable man nor a politician, boarded a chariot and began a race to the throne. Similarly, Trump was also not a politician and is known for being unpredictable. Like Jehu, he began an unlikely race to the throne of America.

Jehu’s race to the throne ended up in a showdown between him and the nation’s former first lady, Jezebel. And likewise, Trump’s race to the White House ended up in a showdown between him and the nation’s former first lady—Hillary Clinton.

Also in this paradigm, it is revealed that Jehu was previously on the wrong side of the culture war. He was an advocate for Ahab and Jezebel, and thus for Baal worship, which involved the killing of children. So too it was with Trump. Trump was previously on the other side of the culture war—specifically, he was in favor of abortion, the killing of unborn children.

“But can God use those who do not know Him to accomplish His purposes?” Cahn asks. “He can, and He does it all the time.”

Back to the paradigm, Jehu turned from Baal to the purposes of God. Trump also turned from unbiblical positions to those increasingly in line with biblical standards on everything from the life of the unborn to Israel to religious liberty.

During his race to the throne, Jehu brought up the scandal of Ahab—the king who, as Cahn reveals in The Paradigm, would form the prototype of Bill Clinton. Likewise, in his presidential campaign, Trump brought up the scandal of Bill Clinton.

When the showdown came to a head between the warrior and the former first lady, it boiled down to one issue: that of pagan morality—Baal worship—and the offering up of children. Likewise, when the showdown of the 2016 presidential election came to a head, it ultimately came down to one defining issue: the offering up of children in abortion. Hillary Clinton was passionately in favor of it, and Trump was strongly opposed. The issue came to stark revelation in the final debate that unfolded before the nation.

Leading into the 2016 election, most major polls predicted that Clinton would utterly defeat Trump. But as Cahn writes in The Paradigm, the ancient mystery revealed a very different outcome—that when the warrior Jehu came head to head with Jezebel, it would not be the former first lady who would emerge triumphant—it would be the warrior.

“Who emerged triumphant? Trump. His win was against all odds, yet at the same time, it was foretold in the paradigm,” Cahn says.

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