President Trump Tells NFL Players to Stand for National Anthem at Super Bowl


President Trump wasn’t about to let crybaby NFL players ruin the biggest night in American sports.

All season, millionaire players protesting alleged racial injustices decided to make their point by showing contempt for our flag and our nation as a whole.

Images of NFL stars disrespectfully kneeling during the National Anthem drove away fans en masse.

Trump hoped that at least at the Super Bowl, we could all just get back to enjoying football together.

The president’s pre-game statement highlighting the service of our men and women in uniform read:

“Their sacrifice is stitched into each star and every stripe of our Star-Spangled Banner. We hold them in our hearts and thank them for our freedom as we proudly stand for the National Anthem.

And, guess what happened?

Every single New England Patriot and Philadelphia Eagle stood at attention during the National Anthem.

Now that’s leadership.

Source: Breitbart

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