President Trump Plans To Announce 2024 Run If Biden Is Certified As Winner, NYT Reports


President Donald Trump reportedly told some advisors that if the election is certified for Biden then he will announce a 2024 campaign run, the New York Times reported Thursday.

Trump and his campaign are waging an increasingly desperate legal battle to push Biden off the precipice of victory even as the Associated Press, Fox News and numerous other outlets have already declared him the winner. Advisers say Trump has no “obsessive desire” to remain in the White House, according to NYT, and he is already taking action to maintain his current sway within the GOP in the likely event he loses it.

“The president has told some advisers that if the race is certified for Mr. Biden, he will announce a 2024 campaign shortly afterward”

Trump would be 78 years old in 2024, roughly the same age as Biden is now.

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