President Trump Launches a SCATHING New Attack on James Comes and Hillary Clinton


For months upon months, Democrats led by Hillary Clinton have been alleging that President Trump worked with the Russians to “steal” the election, despite having no concrete evidence of any such wrongdoing.

All the while, they completely ignored Clinton’s own corrupt (possibly even treasonous) ties to the Russians.

And most guilty of ignoring that link was the FBI under former directory James Comey.

Trump has had enough, and issued a scathing attack against both Clinton and Comey.

In light of new evidence tying Clinton as then-secretary of state to an unscrupulous deal to allow the Russians to buy 20 percent of American uranium, Trump is wondering what all of us are now wondering: HOW IN THE WORLD WAS SHE NOT PROSECUTED?

According to Trump, there can be only one answer: Comey abused his power to protect Hillary Clinton.

H/T Dennis Michael Lynch

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