President Trump is PISSED as Canada Takes Its Revenge on Him


Canada might have just poked a bear.

And, while Canadians do have a lot of experience with wildlife, this particular bear could devastate their economy.

The Canadian government of ultra-liberal Justin Trudeau this week began imposing tariffs on a wide range of American-made goods.

Everything from ketchup to lawnmowers will now be taxed if it came from the US.

The move was retaliation for Trump imposing new taxes on all steel and aluminum imported to the US. Canada is one of America’s bigger suppliers in that regard, and the new taxes threatened to take a bite out of the Canadian economy.

But, while some might think Trump should rethink his policy, taking a tit-for-tat approach is fairly ill-advised for Canada.

Trudeau, however, failed to see that his nation has a lot more to lose than Trump’s, and publicly urged Canadians to avoid buying American-made products.

Source: Fox News

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