President Trump Has Discovered How to Send Hillary Clinton to Jail


If Hillary Clinton wasn’t already in enough hot water as it was, this week’s bombshell revelation about stolen party primaries could spell her doom.

And not just politically. Election fraud is a thing, and it’s something for which you go to jail…for a very long time.

While everyone’s rightly focused on how despicable it was for Hillary to maneuver and deny Bernie Sanders his fair shot at the presidential nomination, President Trump pointed out the very real legal aspect of the situation.

Hillary broke the law, yet again.

The difference this time is that she damaged her own party and very few top Democrats are still willing to defend her.

In fact, they’re throwing her under the bus, and that could give Trump the opening he needs to finally prosecute and send her to jail.

He strongly hinted at as much in a series of tweets on Friday:

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