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President Trump Has a BRILLIANT Plan to Resettle Syrian Refugees


Europe is collapsing under the weight of Syrian refugees. America is wary of letting too many of them in.

But everyone except President Trump seems to have forgotten that there is another way, a more natural way of dealing with this problem.

The Syrians have a country, it just needs to be taken back from radical jihadists and stabilized.

The world’s major powers have the ability to do that. And Syria’s oil-rich neighbors have the money to finance it.

Trump outlined during his rally in Florida that he intends to create “safe zones” inside Syria for the besieged population, while forces battle to stabilize the rest of the country.

After that, Syrians can resume life IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

ABC News reported:

President Trump, speaking at a campaign rally in Florida on Saturday evening, said he wants to establish “safe zones” in Syria and other places instead of taking people into the U.S., and that the Gulf states would pay for those safe zones, saying that “they have nothing but money.”…

…He did not elaborate on what the “safe zones” would be but said people would be able to “stay there and live safely in their cities” until Syria is stabilized. He went on to say that “we want people that love us,” in the United States.

What do you think? Should America deal with the Middle East situation by simply accepting refugees, or is it time to help these people fight to STAY in their OWN COUNTRIES?

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H/T The Federalist Papers

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