President Obama Says That The Reason Hillary Clinton Lost In 2016 Is Because The Voters Got “Lazy And Complacent”


President Obama says that the reason Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 is because the voters got “lazy and complacent” and stayed home due to the fact she was winning in the polls.


From fox29.com

PHILADELPHIA – Former President Barack Obama will host a drive-in rally at the sports complex in South Philadelphia Wednesday as he campaigns for Joe Biden.

In 2016, the man known as one of the Democratic Party’s strongest orators delivered Hillary Clinton’s closing argument in the same place — at a rally for thousands the night before Election Day on Independence Mall. Now, with the coronavirus pandemic upending campaigning, Obama will be speaking to a much smaller crowd at a drive-in rally, where supporters will listen to him over the radio inside their cars.

The format reflects the challenge Democrats face in boosting enthusiasm and getting out the vote in a year when they’ve eschewed big rallies in favor of small, socially distanced events, drawing a contrast with President Donald Trump and Republicans on the coronavirus. While Obama is usually one of the party’s biggest draws and most compelling speakers, that impact may be blunted by the format.

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