President Calls Greta Thunberg a ‘Little Brat’


Greta Thunberg was one of the most pathetic stunts pulled by liberals in recent memory.

The Aspergers-afflicted teen was trotted out before the UN to decry supposed conservative hostility toward the environment.

President Trump wasn’t impressed, but largely held his tongue.

Well, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro wasn’t willing to be so diplomatic when Thunberg this week accused his government of “murdering” natives and destroying the Amazon.

From the Daily Mail:

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg was today labelled a ‘brat’ by Brazil’s strongman leader Jair Bolsonaro in a row over deaths in the Amazon. 

Bolsonaro took aim at Thunberg, 16, after she voiced concern over Brazil’s deforestation of the Amazon and the killings of indigenous people in the rainforest.  

‘Greta said that the Indians died because they were defending the Amazon,’ Bolsonaro told a group of journalists. 

‘It’s impressive that the press is giving space to a brat like that,’ he added, using the Portuguese word ‘pirralha’. 

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