Portland: Here’s How Many People Had Protest Charges Dropped In September


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Police made more than 200 arrests in connection with ongoing civil unrest in Portland during the month of September; however, about nine out of every 10 suspects have already had their charges dropped.

Officers with the Portland Police Bureau, as well as Oregon State Police, made 213 arrests in September, according to a KOIN 6 News database compiled from press releases and direct inquiries. That’s a decrease from August, which had a record 295 arrests.

The nightly protest streak ended in September, as wildfires created hazardous air quality in Portland. Several nights have seen little to no activity from demonstrators and, subsequently, no arrests. The city is arguably the calmest it has been since the first riot on May 29.

As in August, interfering with a peace officer was the most common charge demonstrators were arrested on, followed by disorderly conduct and riot. All three charges are ones the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office has decided to “presumptively decline to prosecute.” The policy is designed to “focus limited prosecution resources on violent crimes that include property damage, assaultive behavior and actions that create a risk of injury or property destruction during a mass demonstration,” according to the DA’s office.

Indeed, most suspects have had their charges dropped or dismissed, some as soon as the day after their arrest. As of October 5, charges had been dropped in around 90% of the cases stemming from September’s protest activity.

Note: Seven of the people PPB reported arresting/citing for protest-related cr… (Read more)

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