Pope Tries to Reason With Muslims, But Thugs Give Him a RUDE Wake-Up Call


From Pope Francis to Evangelical pastors, Christian leaders keep thinking that if they only give radical Muslims the benefit of the doubt, everything will be rainbows and lollipops.

They apparently forgot that old saying that if you give some people a hand, they’ll end up taking your whole arm.

Over the weekend, the Pope urged European nations to continue welcoming Muslim refugees as their situations allow.

“[Governments must] assess the extent to which their country is able, without damaging the common good of the citizens, to provide a decent life to migrants,” he said.

Addressing the Muslim refugees themselves, the Pope asked that they respect the laws and culture of their hosts, and even try to integrate.

“Migrants themselves shouldn’t forget that they have the duty to respect the laws, culture and traditions of their hosting countries,” said the Pontiff.

Sounds reasonable.

But if anything, the response of the Muslims now living in Europe has been a big, fat middle finger.

A wave of brutal terror attacks have left hundreds of European dead. And in many countries like Germany and France, there are now Sharia-controlled no-go zones where local Muslims are the law, rather than the government and police.

The situation has grown so dire that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is now reconsidering her “open borders” policy toward Syrian refugees.

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And in the Czech Republic, the government is now proposing a new law to arm even more average citizens as a deterrent against Muslim terrorism.

Source: The Daily Express

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