Pope Francis Tries to Troll Trump, But Instead Gets DESTROYED on Twitter


President Trump loves taking to Twitter to bash his detractors. But he’s effectively given Pope Francis the cold shoulder, despite the pontiff’s repeated efforts to goad Trump into a Twitter battle.

Back during the presidential election campaign, Pope Francis said Trump must not be a Christian because he wanted to build a border wall. Trump fired back by calling the pope “disgraceful.”

That initial tweet was so dumb that Trump apparently doesn’t have the patience to continue the back-and-forth with the pope.

He’s too busy actually protecting America.

But that isn’t stopping Pope Francis from trying to bait the president by making thinly-veiled references to Trump’s immigration policies.

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While Trump himself would not bite, many of his supporters did, and they absolutely DEMOLISHED Pope Francis.

For instance, they suggested that if the pope is so into illegal immigration, perhaps he should welcome them into Vatican City.

Others pointed out the very impressive wall behind which the pope and his Church officials live.

And the cherry on top of this humiliation cake was one Twitter user noting the EXTREME VETTING for getting into Heaven.

Source: Mashable

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