Poll Show Over Half Of Young Adults Are Not Proud To Be American


A poll published Monday from Issues & Insights and Tippinsights found that only 36% of young adults are proud of being American.

Young adults ages 18 – 24 were the group least likely to say they are proud to be American, the poll found. Of those polled, 59% of Americans ages 25 – 44 said they were proud, along with 75% of adults ages 45 – 64 and 86% of adults over the age of 65.

Conservatives were also much more proud to be Americans than moderates or liberals; 81% of conservatives said they were proud compared to 66% of moderates and 55% of liberals. The divide across party affiliation was similar; 85% of Republicans said they were proud to be an American, 64% of Democrats and 59% of independents said the same.

Men were 18% more likely than women to say they were proud of being American. The poll found that 77% of men and 59% of women were proud. People we… (Read more)

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