Poll: Only 7% Believe Nation Is Doing ‘Very Well’ Under Biden


Very few Americans believe the nation is doing “very well” under President Joe Biden’s leadership, a Sunday CBS News poll revealed.

Only 7 percent of Americans believe the country is doing very well, while 33 percent say the nation is doing very badly.

On the economy, nine percent of Americans say Biden’s national economy is doing very well. Thirty-one percent said it is doing very badly. On whether Biden is doing enough to reduce 40-year-high inflation, only 31 percent say he is, while 69 percent say he is not.

Biden’s approval with independents is also struggling. Only 12 percent of independents strongly approve of the president. Forty-one percent strongly disapprove.

On specific issues, Biden is also struggling with gaining traction among independents. In fact, on no issue did a majority of independents approve of Biden’s management: Economy (30 approve-70 percent disapprove), inflation (26-74 percent), Ukrainian war (41-59 percent), immigration (31-69 percent), and crime (34-66 percent).

Biden’s terrible poll numbers come during an election year. Democrats were hoping to have a popular president to help them retain the House and Senate. But with Biden… (Read more)

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