Poll: More Approve Of Trump’s Handling Of Key Issues Than Biden’s Performance


Americans approved of former President Donald Trump’s handling of key issues — from the economy to foreign affairs — more than President Joe Biden’s, a recently released Harvard/Harris poll found.

The survey, taken October 26-28, 2021, among 1,578 registered voters, found that most Americans do not approve of Biden’s job performance in “any given area” — from the economy to immigration. In contrast, a majority approved of Trump’s handling of many of the same issues in January 2021.

For example, respondents gave Biden a 40 percent approval rating on the economy, 44 percent on stimulating jobs, 39 percent on fighting terrorism, 35 percent on immigration, 39 percent on foreign affairs, 42 percent on administering the government, 38 percent on dealing with violence and crime in the country, and 33 percent — his lowest — on handling Afghanistan.

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