Poll: Majority Of Voters Say Biden Is Untrustworthy and Incapable


The majority of registered voters believe President Joe Biden is untrustworthy, dishonest, and incapable of leading the nation, a Politico/Morning Consult poll revealed Wednesday.

A majority of 51 percent believe their president is untrustworthy while only 43 percent believe Biden can be trusted. Moreover, a majority of 51 percent think Biden is dishonest as only 44 percent believe Biden tells the truth.

Asked whether Biden keeps his promises, a majority of 52 percent said Biden breaks his promises with 39 percent alleging he keeps his promises.

A majority of 56 percent also say Biden is a weak leader. Thirty-eight percent said he is a strong leader.

When respondents were asked if Biden is capable of leading the country, a majority of 53 percent said he is not capable and 41 percent said he is.

A majority of respondents also said Biden is not energetic (60 to 34 percent) while a similar majority asserts Biden is not a clear communicator (57 to 37 percent).

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