Police Take Action After Miami Dolphins Kneel During National Anthem


Here we go again.

Another NFL season, another childish demonstration by overgrown crybaby millionaires.

Only this time around, Americans simply are not going to tolerate professional football players ruining our favorite sport by disrespecting our national symbols.

When a number of Miami Dolphins players conspicuously knelt during the national anthem ahead of a pre-season game last Thursday, they sparked outrage, including over at the Broward County Police Department.

A statement released by the Broward County Police Benevolent Association following the shameful display read:

“The Broward County PBA recently offered our members discounts to a Miami Dolphins game because that franchise said they were going to honor all First Responders. We entered into this partnership with the understanding that the Dolphins organization would require their players to stand for the National Anthem. This did not happen at last night’s preseason game against Tampa Bay. As a result, the BCPBA will no longer participate in this ticket program, and we are asking all of our members, as well as members of the Dade County PBA and Palm Beach County PBA, not to participate either.”

Via Daily Caller

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