Police Report To Expose CNN’s Chris Cuomo After Being Caught In Hoax Apparently … His Supposed Reemergence From Quarantine


The NY Post reported:

‘But by Tuesday morning — after The Post and other outlets reported Cuomo’s meltdown, including about his run-in with the bicyclist — the police “had a whole different attitude,” David said.

The man said he asked the investigating officer, “Any chance you saw the report” about Cuomo’s radio rant?

“Yes, we have,” the cop said.

“I think you’ll like what we’ve written,” the officer added, according to David, referring to the police report that was being prepared.

David — who said he is a lifelong Democrat and voted for Andrew Cuomo for governor — added that he doesn’t plan on pressing charges against Chris Cuomo unless “I get any more feeling that this guy’s a threat to me,” adding that he just wanted to get something on the record.’

“Here it is. The official reentry from the basement, cleared by CDC,” he said. “A little sweaty, just worked out. It happens.”

“My wife, she was cleared by the CDC. She doesn’t have [a] fever, she doesn’t have the symptoms anymore, more than seven days from her quarantine. We’re still a little scared, so I’ll just give you one of these,” he said as he waved his finger.

“What you may have noticed there, Sanjay, very quiet welcome to me when I walked up the stairs,” he said to Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

“This is the dream. Just to be back up here doing normal things,” he said as he hugged his wife Christina, who we know he was with a week ago.

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Twitter users pounced on the host to remind him that, in his own words, he had an argument with a biker a week ago.

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