Police Pronounce Fate Of Homeowner’s Son Who Killed 3 Burglars With AR-15


The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office pronounced the fate of the deadly home invasion that happened in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma last week that left three teenage suspects dead and one in custody.


The Wagoner County We support of our citizens… the right to bear arms, and to defend their homes in this county. And in this such case, we feel strongly that that’s what took place here.” Sheriff Elliot said.


The intruders have been identified as Maxwell Cook, 19, Jacob Redfern, 17, and Jaykob Woodriff, 16. The intruders were wearing masks, and one was armed with a knife and another was carrying brass knuckles.


Elizabeth Rodriguez, 21, has also been arrested. She’s believed to have chosen the location and driven the three men to the site.

She said she doesn’t blame the man who shot and killed her three friends while defending his home.
“I know what we did was stupid and wrong,” she said. “I don’t blame him… I understand why he did what he did. I mean, I do to an extent.”

District Attorney Jack Thorpe intends to see that Rodriguez does take responsibility for the deaths of the three men. And his office will not press charges against Zach Peters. When asked if that decision not to prosecute Peters was difficult, he said no. He described it as clear cut.

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