Police Officer Shoots and Kills Gunman, Stops Attempted Mass Shooting


The San Antonio Police Department has confirmed that a parks officer prevented a mass shooting outside the San Antonio International Airport on Thursday, leaving the gunman dead and quickly eliminating any threat to the public, as CNN reported.

During a livestreamed news conference on Thursday afternoon, Chief William McManus explained officers had been responding to a call of a driver going the wrong way at the airport around 2:30 p.m, Fox News reported.

When the unidentified officer engaged with the driver in the middle of the road, the driver opened fire with a .45-caliber handgun.

This, McManus said, was the “start of an active shooter incident,” and the assailant fired a number of times at the officer and the terminal behind him.

The officer returned fire, striking the suspect, who was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead. The police chief noted there were indications the gunman struggled with mental illness.

“The officer who stopped this individual saved a lot of lives,” McManus said.

“The shooter had a lot of ammunition and a big handgun that he was shooting indiscriminately. So my hat goes off to the officer who stopped him.”

The Daunte Wright shooting and the Chauvin trial have brought with them fresh cries for dismantling police, from the likes of the “squad” of progressive female lawmakers and old-guard progressives like California Rep. Maxine Waters.

Of course, the same people making such calls, or the softer call to “reimagine” the police, generally fall over themselves to tweet about gun control every time there is a mass shooting.

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