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Police Just Changed Their Story About Las Vegas Shooting. This is HUGE!


The worst shooting attack in American history, and we still don’t seem to really know what happened.

We know that 58 innocent people were massacred. But we don’t know the motivations the shooter, how he got so many guns into the upper floors of a nearby hotel undetected, why he was paid huge sums of money just days prior, and why some witnesses reported multiple shooters.

And now, we apparently aren’t even sure about the timeline of what went down that fateful evening.

Las Vegas police have just completely rewritten the sequence of events, saying shooter Stephen Paddock shot and wounded hotel security guard Jesus Campos BEFORE he opened fire on concert goers below.

Initially, it was reported that Campos interrupted Paddock only have he had been firing on his victims for a full 10 minutes.

This raises a whole new set of questions.

If Campos, as police are now saying, was shot 6 minutes BEFORE the massacre began, and it lasted a full 10 minutes, what was Campos doing for those 16 minutes? Was he unconscious from his wounds? Did he try to radio for help?

Furthermore, if Campos didn’t interrupt the massacre itself, why did Paddock stop firing after 10 minutes, even though police had yet to storm his floor of the hotel?

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There’s a lot going on here that we still don’t know, or aren’t being told.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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