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Police Got Sick and Tired of Berkeley Crybaby Protesters, They are Fighting BACK!


Police got sick and tired of Berkeley crybaby protesters.

Six protesters were arrested by police at the University of California, Berkeley, on Thursday during the start of what promises to be a tense day of protests at one of America’s most liberal college campuses.

A heavy police presence has been seen at Berkeley as officers look to head off violent clashes, according to Fox News.

We have a video of the the first “student” arrested after he refused to remove his mask and opposing an officer from doing his job.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

The protester refused to cooperate with police and it likes the Berkeley police aren’t messing around today because he was immediately arrested. Check out the hand gesture the police officer made as soon as he had enough of this protester’s nonsense. Hah!

Sarah Ravani reports on her Twitter:

1 at @UCBerkeley arrested – for “obstructing an officer for performing his duties.” Was holding a sign, didn’t ID himself or take off mask.




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