Police Find Woman’s Body in Trunk of Car, 4 Suspected MS-13 Gang Members Charged


Four MS-13 gang members are accused of killing a woman and placing her body in a car in Queens, New York.

According to WLNY-TV, officers with the New York Police Department “saw the four suspects carry a large object out of a building on Foam Place and place it in the trunk of a car before driving away” just before 2 a.m. on Wednesday.

Officers discovered the body of 31-year-old Nazareth Claure in the trunk after following the suspects’ vehicle and conducting a traffic stop near the Nassau Expressway in Far Rockaway.

The body was wrapped in a blanket, confirming the officers’ suspicions from earlier that night, the report said.

“Police say one of the suspects, who was also the victim’s boyfriend, strangled her,” WCBS-TV reported.

Officers arrested Allan Lopez, Jose Sarmiento, Rigel Yohairo and Rodolfo Lopez on charges of murder and said each is affiliated with the notorious criminal gang MS-13.

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