POLICE ALERT: If You See a ‘Child’ Sitting in the Road, KEEP DRIVING


Authorities are warning drivers on the roads across America to keep driving if they suddenly see what appears to be a small “child” sitting in the middle of the road late at night.

It’s actually an elaborate carjacking scheme that is becoming increasingly popular in some areas.

WNCT reported that a local North Carolina women only narrowly escaped falling victim to the ploy.

A 33-year old woman from Beaufort, North Carolina, spotted a child sitting in the middle of the road at around 1:30 am.

The woman stopped immediately and tried to take a closer look at what she thought was a little child, but luckily she decided to stay in her car. When she stopped, the woman saw two men coming closer to her vehicle. The two men, who were wearing completely dark hoodies, then attempted to get into the car by repeatedly pulling the door handles.

Police officials said the woman definitely did the right thing by driving away immediately.

More than that, they noted that the fact she had her doors locked prevented her from being the victim of a potentially violent crime.

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