Pocahontas’ Actual Descendent Responds to President Trump’s Jab at Elizabeth Warren


Always eager to smear President Trump over any and every perceived misjudgment, the mainstream media has made headline news out of his supposedly “racist” jabs at Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

For years, Warren has claimed that, despite clearly being a very white woman, she is actually part Native American. Cherokee, to be exact.

Warren has also been one of the more outspoken leaders of the Democratic “resistance” to the Trump presidency.

So, Trump has taken to jokingly referring to Warren as “Pocahontas.”

In fact, he did so again just this week while hosting three US Marine Corps Navajo code talkers whose service during World War II was key to defeating the Japanese in the Pacific.

Many felt that Trump’s race-referencing jab at Warren was especially uncalled for while hosting actual Native American heroes at the White House.

But one of the real Pocahontas’ direct descendants said she wasn’t offended in the least. In fact, quite the opposite.

Speaking to Sky News, Debbie “White Dove” Porreco had nothing but praise for Trump:

“If Pocahontas were alive today, she would be very proud of President Trump.

“I know that he uses ‘Pocahontas’ sometimes with Elizabeth Warren. He said, ‘Well does that offend you when I use that?’ And I told him, ‘No, it doesn’t offend me.’

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“Just like Pocahontas was a heroine, President Trump is going to be our hero.”

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