Planned Parenthood Wants Even MORE of Your Tax Dollars; Congress Has Brutal Response


Planned Parenthood is on the ropes. But that makes the organization more dangerous than ever.

Cecile Richards, the head of the abortion clinic network, demanded that Congress triple her funding!

Trying to take a sexist turn, Richards said in an appearance on “The Daily Show” that “if there were more members of Congress who could get pregnant, we wouldn’t be arguing about birth control.”

And then she really went over the top:

“I actually think if you’re concerned about preventing unintended pregnancy and the need for abortion in this country, you should triple the funding for Planned Parenthood.”

Well, Ms. Richards, at least half of Americans are NOT interested in funding abortion.

And the new Republican-controlled Congress is obligated to enforce the will of the people.

As part of their efforts to repeal Obamacare, congressional Republicans have taken aim at Planned Parenthood.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has already announced that all federal funding of Planned Parenthood will be stripped in the near future.

When criticized for this decision, Ryan pointed out that Planned Parenthood is not needed:

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“For every Planned Parenthood…there are 20 federal community health centers. They are vastly bigger in network, there are so many more of them, and they provide these kinds of services without all the controversies surrounding this issue.”

H/T Conservative Tribune

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