Pizzeria Added Marijuana to Police Officers’ Pizza… BIIIG MISTAKE


The owner of a pizzeria in central Israel thought he’d play a little prank on police officers. He’s now very sorry that he did.

The call came in around 1 AM. Officers working the night shift at a nearby police station were hungry.

Simcha Abazov, owner of “La Dolc Vita” pizzeria was happy to oblige.

Detecting what he interpreted as a “cool” guy on the other end of the line, Abazov decided to have a little fun. Perhaps he himself was already high.

“I knew the order was placed by police officers. But the officer who called in the order seemed cool, plus he told me to add whatever toppings I wanted,” said Abazov.

“So instead of oregano, I sprinkled some marijuana,” he continued.

Abazov admitted his desire to “annoy the police a little.”

Well, that didn’t work out too well for him.

The officers didn’t notice that the oregano had been replaced by synthetic marijuana. And so they proceeded to eat the whole thing. And then they were sick. Very sick.

All three of the night shift staff had to be hospitalized for hallucinations, dizziness and vomiting.

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Abazov has now been charged with intent to harm and causing others to inject poison.

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