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Pizza Waiter Disrespects Cop To His Face, Gets BRUTAL Wake-Up Call


Every day, millions of men and women wake up and put on police uniforms to serve and protect us.

Are they all perfect? No. But as a whole they do deserve our respect. Sadly, after eight years of Obama’s antagonism, police officers everywhere are instead being insulted and attacked.

This story at least has a satisfying ending.

An Austin police officer posted to Facebook last week that while stopping in for a slice of pizza at a restaurant frequented by the Austin PD, he was treated in an abhorrent manner by the cashier.

After ringing up the officer, the cashier took the receipt and wrote “pig” along with two curse words.

After finding out what had happened, the owner of Southside Flying Pizza was outraged.

He fired the employee on the spot and issued a heartfelt apology to the officer and all local police.

“We are tremendously sorry and deeply concerned,” a representative for the restaurant told KVUE news.

Southside Flying Pizza also reported that it would be donating an additional $800 to the Police Officers Memorial Foundation.

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