Pissed-Off Dad Takes Matters Into His Own Hands When Pervert Tries to Have Sex With His Daughter


What would you do?

A pedophile is contacting and making inappropriate requests of your teenage daughter on social media. He’s effectively stalking her.

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to simply arrest such people unless they can be caught in the act of stalking, or worse.

None of us would want to wait until our child was actually in danger or being assaulted for the authorities to take action. And one father in Oklahoma didn’t.

When police said they couldn’t yet do anything against a man who was stalking his 15-year-old daughter online, this pissed-off father decided to lay a trap.

He set up a tent in his backyard and then, posing as his daughter online, lured the man over for what this pervert thought was going to be a sexual encounter with a minor.

Instead, he got an ass-beating and now gets to spend time in prison, where pedophiles have a pretty rough time, to say the least.

Oh, and they caught the whole thing on camera as evidence for the police, and for our amusement.

Via TapHaps

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