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Philadelphia’s Ridiculous Soda Tax Backfires BIG TIME … It’s INSANE!


Folks, Democrats are just too stupid and they are destroying our nation.

As a result of the new soda tax, people in Philly are drinking more beer cause it is cheaper.

Yeah, the soda tax has one main INSANE effect: Alcoholism.

That’s not it, many people are driving to the next town to do grocery shopping.

To top it off, the study found that the tax on soda is now 24 times higher than the state tax rate on beer.

“Purchases of beer are also now less expensive than nonalcoholic beverages subject to the tax in the city,” according to the study, written by Courtney Shupert and Scott Drenkard. “Empirical evidence from a 2012 journal article suggests that soda taxes can push consumers to alcohol, meaning it is likely the case that consumers are switching to alcoholic beverages as a result of the tax. The paper, aptly titled From Coke to Coors, further shows that switching from soda to beer increases total caloric intake, even as soda taxes are generally aimed at caloric reduction.”

Unlike most cities, Philadelphia imposed the tax specifically to raise revenue, not reduce obesity. The city even taxes diet sodas.

H/T: ZeroHedge

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