Petition To Censure Sen. Romney For Impeachment Vote Circulates Among Utah GOP


Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) faces potential censure from his own party in Utah if a petition spreading among the state’s GOP gains traction.

The petition, which is circulating on social media, accuses Utah’s junior senator of having failed to “represent the average conservative Utah voter,” as well has having “misrepresented himself as a Republican,” according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

“Senator Willard Mitt Romney has prioritized his personal and political vendetta against President Donald J. Trump ahead of the Constitution of the United States, the interest of We, the People, and the advancement of the Republican Platform,” the petition alleges in part.

“Senator Willard Mitt Romney has condoned false and misleading statements that have led the 117th Congress of the United States to further conduct an illegal and unconstitutional 2nd Impeachment proceeding against President Donald J. Trump,” the petition later states.

The petition also claims Romney “appears to be an agent for the Establishment Deep State.”

The leaders of the Republican Party in Utah are not endorsing the petition’s assertions, having released a statement Monday that said: “The differences between our own Utah Republicans showcase a diversity of thought, in contrast to the danger of a party fixated on ‘unanimity of thought.’ There is power in our differences as a political party, and we look forward to each senator explaining their votes to the people of Utah.”

The petition says Romney “embarrassed the State of Utah” when he voted to convict former President Donald Trump of inciting an insurrection on the day a mob of his supporters broke into the Capitol last… (Read more)

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