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People Calling For Muslim Immigration Ban After Syrian Refugees Do the Unthinkable to Women, Elderly and Babies


A lot of folks are arguing that opening our gates to waves of Middle East refugees will damage our society and our country. And incidents like this prove they are right, that the cultural norms these migrants are bringing simply aren’t compatible with our own.

It was utter mayhem in the German city of Augsburg as authorities tried to evacuate residents after discovering an unexploded World War II bomb.

Of course, the entire affair would have passed peacefully if not for the presence of violent Syrian refugees.

Many of the residents living in close proximity to the bomb were taken to waiting buses.

On one of those buses was a local woman with a stroller carrying her baby.

The Syrian refugees cramming into the bus were enraged that the stroller was taking so much space. So they started hurling insults at the woman and any German who stood up for her.

Soon, the verbal abuse turned into physical violence.

Using the handles on the seats to hoist themselves, the refugees kicked women and old people. They even kicked the one-year-old baby in the face.

Those who tried to stay out of the fight were quickly dragged into it by the out-of-control immigrants.

Paramedics soon arrived to help the injured. But they TOO were attacked by the Syrian refugees!

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The situation only settled after police arrived in force and subdued the Syrians.

The situation in Germany is totally out of hand. And this is the kind of chaos Obama is inviting into America by opening our gates to hundreds of thousands of Middle East refugees without proper checks.

Source: Daily Express

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