People are saying 2020 … first woman president?


What has this woman NOT DONE!

How about Condoleezza for the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT or VP. for Trump in 2020?

First woman to serve as National Security Advisor!

First Female African-American (or as I prefer to say “black”) Secretary of State!

“Don’t let somebody else’s racism or sexism be your problem.”

Rice says THAT’S the message WOMEN need to hear – if someone tries to put you down, “don’t take that on,” just speak up for yourself and if you can’t, “find mentors to help you navigate those difficult circumstances.”

Rice continues that her family told her, growing up in segregated Birmingham, Alabama, that she would have to be “twice as good” and that this notion wasn’t up for debate…it was a FACT!

Looks like she has done just that.

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Source: Fox News

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