People Are Calling What Happened in Jerusalem a Prophetic Breakthrough


Jewish visitors to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount on Monday did something that many are calling a prophetic breakthrough–they prayed, openly and without harassment.

Typically, non-Muslim visitors to Judaism’s holiest site are accompanied by officials from the Islamic Trust (Waqf) to ensure they don’t engage in acts of Christian or Jewish worship, which in the eyes of Muslims would desecrate the sacred compound that is today occupied by several mosques.

But this week, the Waqf was boycotting the Temple Mount over Israel’s decision to reinstall metal detectors at its entrances.

Previously, Israel had removed the metal detectors at the behest of the Waqf and its Jordanian overseers. That ill-advised move enabled three Israeli Arab Muslim terrorists to enter the Temple Mount with guns last week. Following Friday prayers, they proceeded to murder two Israeli police officers there.

So Israel reinstalled the metal detectors. And the Waqf stayed away (and urged other Muslims to do the same). And Jews flocked to the Temple Mount unhindered for the first time in many years.

The first thing one of the Jewish groups did was go to the very point where the police officers were killed last week and recite prayers for the deceased and their families.

What made this action particularly poignant was that the officers themselves weren’t Jewish. They were both members of Israel’s Druze minority.

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