Pennsylvania School Board Axes Cnn Broadcast From Middle School


A Pennsylvania school board has voted to end daily broadcasts of CNN 10 to middle school students. Instead, teachers will have the discretion to show students videos “from all sources, including videos pertaining to patriotic holidays,” a representative from the district said.

The Norwin School Board in southwest Pennsylvania voted 5-4 on Monday to do away with daily broadcasts of CNN 10, the Norwin Star reports. CNN calls the program “compact on-demand news broadcasts ideal for explanation seekers on the go or in the classroom.”

The school board agreed to give teachers the discretion “to use the television to show the special videos, after an initial resolution sought to eliminate the watching of any television during the homeroom period before classes begin for the day,” according to the Norwin Star.

A representative from the Norwin School District told Fox News the board voted to “remove watching TV during homeroom at the Middle School unless it is either student, teacher or administrator driven to allow students to socialize and interact with each other.”

“It was further clarified that the board will allow teachers to use discretion an… (Read more)

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