Pence Urges Conservatives ‘To Stay In The Fight’ As ‘Our Election’ Continues


Vice President Mike Pence claimed on Tuesday that the presidential election “continues.”

Speaking in West Palm Beach, Florida at a Student Action Summit organized by Turning Point USA, a major pro-Trump and conservative youth advocacy group, the vice president urged the crowd “to stay in the fight in our election.”

“As our election contest continues, I’ll make you a promise, we’re going to keep fighting until every legal vote is counted. We’re going to keep fighting until every illegal vote is thrown out,” Pence said, repeating a line he has used frequently as he has campaigned in recent weeks in the Georgia Senate runoff elections, where the Republican Senate majority’s at stake.

Pence’s appearance at the Turning Point USA summit came eight days after the Electoral College formalized President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over President Trump in last month’s general election.

But Trump refuses to concede to Biden as he continues to claim there was massive voter fraud in key battleground states where Biden beat him. On Monday, Trump and Pence met at the White House with a handful of top Trump supporters in the House of Representatives for a strategy session on how to protest the election results when a joint session of Congress meets on Jan. 6 to certify the Electoral College results.

Pence, in his role as president of the Senate, will preside over the session.

While Pence was flying to Florida on Tuesday, Trump tweeted, without offering any concrete evidence, that the presidenti… (Read more)

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