Pence Expected To Preside Over Congress’s Electoral College Count


Vice President Pence is expected to preside over Congress’s counting of the Electoral College vote on Wednesday.

Pence’s attendance was thrown into momentary confusion on Tuesday when Roll Call reported that Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said he would preside because “we don’t expect him [Pence] to be there.”

The suggestion sent shock waves through Washington, which is gearing up for a high-profile effort by dozens of congressional Republicans to challenge the election results, stirring up brief chaos as reporters grappled with whether Pence had pulled out of the joint session.

Though Pence’s role is ceremonial, he’s under public pressure from President Trump to use his position to challenge President-elect Joe Biden’s win. Trump, speaking in Georgia on Monday night, said he hoped Pence “comes through for us,” without specifying what steps he hopes the vice president would take.

But a White House official quickly said Grassley’s initial comments were not accurate.

And a spokesperson for the 87-year-old GOP senator quickly clarified that Grassley was saying that if Pence needs a break during the hours-long session, he would p… (Read more)

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