Pelosi Trolled By Pro-Trumpers With Video From California District: ‘Nancy Pelosi Does Not Want You To See This’


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “does not want you to see this,” the Students For Trump organization claims in a new video recorded Wednesday showing the streets of her San Francisco congressional district lined with tents sheltering people experiencing homelessness.

“This is Nancy Pelosi’s district,” Students For Trump tweeted Wednesday, sharing a video recorded for Turning Point USA’s “Benny on the Block” video episode series.

The cellphone video was shot from the inside of a car as it drives through San Francisco’s Tenderloin District. Homeless people, many of whom are Black, are camped out on the streets for blocks. Ironically, messages like “Black Lives Matter” and “George Floyd” are seen spray-painted on a federal office building, with “The Unites States of America” official letting crossed out.

Another sign in a business’s window urges people to: “Go Vote.”

“I filmed this this morning in San Francisco,” Turning Point USA’s Chief Creative Officer Benny Johnson writes over the video. “This is the heart of Nancy Pelosi’s district. This is how people live under Pelosi’s leadership. Nancy Pelosi has been in office 33 years. Heartbreaking.”

One man in the video appears to be seen injecting a needle into his arm while sitting on the sidewalk. The car moves down Leavenworth Street, where more tents are camped out. The video shows a pipe contraption connected to a fire hydrant set up by the city, “So homeless people can take ‘showers.’”

People are seen by the encampments on bicycles, often in front of local businesses like a pizza parlor and a food market, and one man uses the fire hydrant to wash his dog…. (Read more)

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